One Hip Cat; checking out the new look of 'Catwoman'

Earlier this year DC Comics relaunched "Catwoman." Not only did they start with a new #1, but the new series writer Ed Brubaker brought a totally different style to the book from it's previous incarnation. In addition, Catwoman herself went under a major transformation with an entirely new outfit, look and attitude.

Beginning this September Catwoman will undergo another change when Cameron Stewart moves into to provide the artwork for the title and DC has provided CBR News with a first look at the art by Stewart for "Catwoman #11."

This issue is the beginning of a devastating new story arc for Selina Kyle. DC provided the following description: "Selina sets out to give something back to the neighborhood, but a new wave of crime brings her even closer to her roots than she ever imagined. And if that weren't enough, wait'll you learn the startling secret one of our supporting cast members is carrying. Plus, hold on to your seats as a surprise character appears to shake things up! This issue's got it all, including Slam Bradley, Leslie Thompkins, and even Bruce Wayne!"

"Catwoman #11" is written by Ed Brubaker with art by Cameron Stewart. Cover by J.G. Jones. It carries a $2.50 cover price and hits stores September 25.

Look for an interview with Cameron Stewart later this month here on CBR.

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