EXCLUSIVE: Fred Savage Gets Brutally Honest About Once Upon a Deadpool

Once Upon a Deadpool

Lightning round! I'm going to give you a couple options and I want you to pick your favorite. X-Men or X-Force?

I mean, I would say I would like to know more about X-Force. I don't know enough about them, so I would like more. I want to know more about X-Force.

Mutant or time-travelling cyborg?

Cable's a bad guy! I can't feel Cable, so I'm going to go with mutant.

Katanas or sidearms?

I think it depends on the occasion.

Tacos or chimichangas?


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Colossus or Negasonic Teenage Warhead?

I mean, I don't know. My heart goes out to anyone who votes against Colossus.

Domino or Cable?


Dorothy, Rose or Blanche?


Team Captain America or Team Iron Man?

Iron Man.

Hugh Jackman or Ryan Reynolds?

Anyone other than Ryan Reynolds.

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And now for the pièce de résistance: Deadpool or Green Lantern?

I would reject the question, because I'd have to choose something that's Ryan Reynolds. I don't want to choose him.

Do you have a favorite moment or scene from the film?

The end.

So the moment you were set free from your bonds?

Yes! Yes, that was the best part! When I was set free and allowed to rejoin my family.

Just in case you get kidnapped again, is there a final message you'd like me to pass on to the fans?

Just tell them that I love my kids.

Appearing in theaters from December 12 to December 24, Once Upon a Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz, Morena Baccarin, Leslie Uggams, Brianna Hildebrand, Stefan Kapičić, Julian Dennison, Josh Brolin and Fred Savage.

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