EXCLUSIVE: Fred Savage Gets Brutally Honest About Once Upon a Deadpool

Do you have a favorite character from the film? Why?

I mean, I think you've got to go Domino. What can go wrong? She's cool, she's strong, she's a good fighter, she can drive a truck and she's super lucky! Those are all the qualities I want in a friend, especially the truck part.

Is she the kind of friend who would rescue you from a kidnapping?

It's not just self-serving! I think it would just be a really nice time. But yes, if she can help me from getting kidnapped, that would be great too.

How many times would you say Deadpool has bleeped you out at this point?

You know, I don't know the number. He seemed very intent on keeping the language clean. So I don't know the number, but he was very upset with any profanity.

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What's your personal review of Once Upon a Deadpool, as told by Deadpool?

You know, okay. Okay, I guess. I would say the reason to go -- I mean, it's no better or worse than any other Deadpool movie, I'd say, but the real reason to go is that Fox is donating a dollar from every ticket sold to Fuck Cancer, that they're renaming Fudge Cancer for the 12 days of the PG-13 Deadpool, which is pretty extraordinary. I don't know any film company that's done anything like that. Go for that! Don't go to enrich Ryan Reynolds. He's got enough. But go for the charity aspect. That's worth it.

Tell me more about the Fuck Cancer campaign.

It's a cancer research organization started by Scooter Braun and his wife. Her mom was hit with cancer and they started a foundation that has been just at the forefront of cancer research for all kinds of cancer, and it's just been an incredible thing they've built over a short period of time. It's pretty extraordinary. I'm thrilled to be some small part of it.

Would you say Deadpool captured the "prism of childhood innocence" like he set out to do with Once Upon a Deadpool?

You know, I think that's up for audiences to decide. We'll see, we'll see.

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All of the promos and trailers for the film have a holiday vibe to them. What about Once Upon a Deadpool makes it a good holiday film?

When it's coming out.

How does this kidnapping compare to that time your grandfather forced you to listen to The Princess Bride?

Well, that obviously was not against my will, and I was a character in a movie. So that was totally different!

If Deadpool comes back for a third film, what are the odds he'll kidnap you again for the franchise?

I hope zero, but I would have told you that months ago! I hope zero. But, you know, if they can get you once, who knows? But I hope I never see him again. I don't like talking about it now, to be honest with you!

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If you could choose to have any mutant power, what would it be?

To not be kidnapped!

So completely impervious to kidnapping?

Yes, that would be nice. I wish that for everyone.

How likely are you to pick up some comics after this experience?

Very! A trip to the comic book store for me and my kids... There's a great comic book store a bike's ride away, so we make a pilgrimage to the comic store pretty frequently. So comics are always around the Savage house, for sure.

Do you plan on seeing the film, or was the experience too traumatic?

I'll be honest: not looking forward to reliving it.

Are you going to take your family to see it?

I plan on buying as many tickets as I possibly can, so that Fudge Cancer can benefit, and then I plan on walking out.

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