<i>Once Upon a Time Machine</i> preview art

The Once Upon a Time Machine anthology (featuring futuristic versions of classic fairy tales and legends) made our picks for what we're most looking forward to in August, so it's exciting to see some preview art start to appear. That's Farel Dalrymple's wraparound cover above. Below is a sample of Marian Churchland and Brandon Graham's version of "The Little Mermaid" (courtesy of Graham). The anthology also has a Facebook page where other contributors are sharing snippets of their work.

UPDATE: Once Upon a Time Machine editor Andrew Carl sent us the final art for the anthology's cover and we've updated the image. As Andrew explains, "It's really only the painted details/colors that are different (and improved), but if nothing else it would certainly make Farel happier to see the complete piece that he's proud of online." We're happy to oblige. The high res image is stunning and lets you see Dalrymple's painting in close-up detail. Incidentally, this is the first time the final cover has been shared in public.


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