On Set with Stan Lee for the "Let's Make a Deal: Nerds Rule Special"

Stan Lee can now add another cameo to his formidable list of guest appearances: CBS game show "Let's Make a Deal." The comic book legend and co-creator of many of Marvel's best-known superheroes will be a part of Friday's installment of the famous game show, dubbed a "Nerds Rule Special." CBR TV was at the filming of the episode, and talked to both Lee and "Let's Make a Deal" Co-Executive Producer Chris Ahearn.

While every episode of "Let's Make a Deal" features audience members in costume -- hoping to get the attention of host Wayne Brady -- the crowd for Friday's episode gravitated towards superheroes and video game characters, among many shifts to fit the theme.

"Here's what i think a nerd is -- a nerd is anyone who's passionate about a specific subject," Ahearn said "For us, I'm a video game nerd. Wayne is a comic book and video game nerd. we've all got our areas of expertise here."

For Lee's part, he told CBR TV he had a good time filming the guest spot -- even if he didn't get to live out all of his game show dreams.

"It was great, except I didn't win an automobile or a house or any of the things I was expecting to win," Lee joked. "I'm calling my lawyer."

The "Nerds Rule Special" of "Let's Make a Deal" airs Friday on CBS (check local listings for times).

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