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On My Pull List And Why Do I Buy All This Crap?

by  in Comic News Comment
On My Pull List And Why Do I Buy All This Crap?

Yeah, I need a job. You have to endure me ’til I get one. Especially Inside Joke! Suffer, people who don’t know how to ignore things!

Anyway, here are all the comics I buy monthly(-ish), and why I should or shouldn’t do that:

Agents of Atlas- Will buy whatever comic they show up in until they relaunch as Secret Dark Avengers With Zombie Wolverine #1, and then buy that too. I love AoA.

Amazing Spider-Man- I’ll keep buying it as long as I have the cash, because I only get the issues with creative teams I like.

Batman and Robin- On board as long as Morrison is, no matter who’s drawing it. That means more Tony Daniel, doesn’t it? I just did that. I’m so sorry, folks. (I really don’t get what was wrong with Tan, also. I liked his weird Penguin.)

Beasts of Burden- This is pretty much my new favorite comic after one issue. I always did think Lovecraft and James Jean should have done a funny animal comic, and this is close enough.

Buffy Season 8- Really ought to drop this, but I want a full run. Yeah. I’m that guy now. And I hate that guy. But here we are. I’m sitting out Season 9 unless they kill Buffy and replace her with Faith. And then kill Faith because Dollhouse is pretty blah and someone needs to pay for that. And then kill Andrew, just because, and make it about Willow, Giles, Xander, and Dawn just hanging out. For 30 issues.

Captain America: Reborn- I read Brubaker’s Cap in trade form, but decided not to wait for this. The latest issue rewarded that decision nicely.

Casanova- It’s on my pull list. It will stay there as long as I have a say in it.

Detective Comics- On the chopping block because of all the Batwoman. Like it except for all the Batwoman. Don’t even dislike Batwoman, but $4 is just too much for all this Batwoman.

Doom Patrol- Yeah, no more for me. 10 pages of Kevin Maguire art is not enough to put up with Keith Giffen flagrantly breaking one of Brian’s rules about how Keith Giffen should write. It’s like he doesn’t read them or something.

Fantastic Four- Big Hickman fan, but this is bound for trades, I think. Last issue didn’t work for me nearly as well as his beautifully insane Dark Reign FF mini. If Ben starts wearing a monocle, though, guess what I’m buying eight copies of a month?!

Ghost Rider by Jason Aaron and some guy- As long as Ghost Rider is by Jason Aaron and some guy, I’ll pick it up if I have the cash.

Immortal Weapons- I’ll probably pick the whole run up, just not the day it comes out. Is there another hobby besides comics where buying things on the first day of release is such a big deal? Or is it only a big deal to a small subset of comics aficionados? Also, can I blame it all on Diamond, or is Paul Levitz also at fault? Help me, Chris Butcher/Dirk Deppey/Indie Strawman!

Incredible Hercules- I’m on board as long as Pak and Van Lente are.

Love and Rockets: New Stories- Might as well. Only comes out once a year, and that’s always a pleasant surprise. “Hey, it’s a new Love and Rockets!” Still, that I have yet to feel like reading this since it came out is a bad sign. That could be because when I opened it, it had the stuff that was in the FCBD book and I was like “Didn’t I not pay for that in May?” I dunno.

Secret Warriors- As long as Nick Fury+Hickman=awesome, I’ll keep buying this.

Umbrella Academy- I’m there when it comes back.

Uncanny X-Men- I may jump back on now that the crossover’s done. I feel like I ought to buy some Fraction comics if Fraction’s one of my favorite writers.

Uncanny X-Men: First Class- I find the Marvel Adventures stuff really easy to come and go from, due to the whole done in one nature. That’s an unintended consequence for them; it’s hard to keep readership without cliffhangers and other things that make you go “OMG I WANT NEXT ISSUE NOW!”

Viking- My shop just stopped getting it. I’m okay with that, even though it’s a very impressive package. That said, I sort of feel like it’s just an impressive package, as my life is not considerably worse for not having read the last issue.

Wednesday Comics- After this week’s issue, I’m dropping this!

What’s sad is, I’m not sure that’s everything I get in a given month, I just can’t remember the other stuff I pick up on a regular basis if it exists. It’ll come to me. First person to say “You forgot _” can go swimming Georgia.

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