Omega7 to Aid and Inspire America's Youth

In response to the terrorist attacks in America on September 11, 2001 Alonzo L. Washington (nationally recognized activist, child advocate, comic book creator & toy maker) will organize a number of special events designed to promote safety, security & patriotism to American youth.

Mr. Washington's comic book company, Omega7 Inc., is known for addressing social issues & current events to promote critical thinking skills among the readers of his comic books. Omega7 Inc. will create a comic strip featuring Omega Man designed to help American youth deal with threats of terrorism. The socially conscious comic strip will be featured on billboards, posters and the Omega7 Web site. The poster will sell for $10.00 and a portion of the poster sales will go to relief efforts against terrorism in the USA.

Moreover, Omega7 Inc. will ask the children of America to unite to draw messages of good will, sorrow and hope to send to the children that was directly affected by the tragedy. Over 13,000 kids in America are without parents due to this horrible event. The best photos will appear in an Omega7 comic book and on the Web site. The other drawings will be gathered up and sent to the cities where the attacks occurred (New York, Washington & Pennsylvania). There will be a $2.00 entry fee to cover the postage fees to send the drawing to the various cities.

Youth are encouraged to send their drawings to:

Omega7 Inc.

P.O. Box 171046

Kansas City, KS 66117

Mr. Washington will also organize poster signings and rallies to further reach the youth of America with this positive message.

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