One of the Omega Men Returns in Green Lanterns

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Green Lanterns #40 by Tim Seeley and Barnaby Bagenda, in stores now.

Green Lanterns #40 begins a new storyline in which lesser-known superheroes start missing. Jessica and Simon quickly jump on the case, and it doesn't take them long to figure out that every missing hero was signed up on Caper, a new dating app reserved for a superhero clientele.

In order to find who they are looking for, the two Green Lanterns go straight to the source: the headquarters of Hoocups, the company that designed the app. The employees that work there might be morally ambiguous, but they're also not the masterminds behind the disappearances. Before long, the two heroes are attacked from behind by Caper's mascot -- a superheroic cupid -- but their rings quickly point out that it is simply an illusion created by hypnos technology.


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If the words "hypnos" sounds familiar to DC readers, it's because it was used in Tom King and Bagenda's Omega Men series, as well as Grayson, which King co-wrote with Green Lanterns scribe Tim Seeley. But it's when the hypnos field is countered by the Lanterns' power ring that the real surprise hits; the person they have been chasing has a familiar face, one that readers of King and Bagenda's Omega Men will instantly recognize. She is an alien, a criminal from the planet Voorl, and her name is Scrapps.

Scrapps was part of the main cast of 2015's Omega Men. While not a massive sales hit, the series quickly built a core fanbase whose loud protests were enough to bring the comic back from cancellation after its sixth issue so King could complete his 12-issue story. Omega Men has been hailed as a modern classic, a dark exploration of the complexities of war and the never-ending turmoil that it brings. The series was a bright light during the publisher's DC You era.


The book itself was largely self-contained and, outside of Green Lantern Kyle Rayner, didn't feature any big name characters. Instead, King let the Omega Men -- Scrapps, Primus, Tigorr, Broot and Princess Kalista -- become important characters of their own. The result however was that, once the series was finished, no character other than Kyle Rayner went on to appear in other series -- that is, until now. Now, King's once-partner-in-crime has brought back one of his creations, alongside the artist who drew her in the first place.

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For the moment, Scrapps has resurfaced alone, and on Earth. But with a plot that involves kidnapped superheroes being turned into slaves all over the galaxy, the story of Green Lanterns has just taken a drastic turn. With the creative team involved, there is a strong possibility that we will once again go to the farthest reaches of space and see the rest of the Omega Men return. For all we know, this might be the sequel we have all been waiting for.

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