O'Mara & Charles Ground "Batman: Bad Blood" in Their Characters' "Truth"

No matter what problems exist between certain members of the Bat-Family, after the Dark Knight goes missing, Nightwing, Robin, Batwing and Batwoman better start turning that bad blood into some mad love if they want to save Gotham City.

The latest in the line of DC Animated Original Movies, next year's "Batman: Bad Blood" completes the trilogy that began with "Son of Batman" in 2014 and continued in "Batman vs. Robin" earlier this year. The film sees Dick Grayson donning the cape and cowl after Batman goes missing and needing to unite the members of the Bat-Family in order to take down a deadly new threat to Gotham City. Jason O'Mara, Stuart Allan and Sean Maher all reprise their roles as Batman, Robin and Nightwing and are joined by newcomers Gaius Charles as Batwing and Yvonne Strahovski as Batwoman.

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At New York Comic Con, O'Mara and Charles joined Kiel Phegley in the world famous CBR Tiki Room to discuss the upcoming film, the interconnected format of the DC animated films, their favorite moments from the movie and more.

In the first part of the interview, O'Mara discussed how much work he actually got to do considering the Dark Knight himself is missing in the film and how playing the role of Batman in multiple films has helped him hone his Batman voice. Plus, Charles explains how he found the right voice for Batwing and what it was like working with actor Ernie Hudson.

On Batman being presumed dead and how that impacted O'Mara's involvement in the movie:

Jason O'Mara: There was definitely less work for me, and the other thing is that this is probably my favorite of the trilogy -- "Son of Batman," "Batman vs. Robin" and now "Bad Blood" -- and I'm wondering if that's because I get to hear myself less. Because I was able to enjoy the other performances and that took the pressure off me. And it took the pressure off Batman and also gave the chance for these other really cool supporting characters to take a step forward.

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On Charles finding Batwing's voice:

Gaius Charles: For me, it was more, "What am I going to do to kind of ground this character in his truth and his story and his reality." I feel like the superhero persona is almost -- we kind of know how to step up into that, but how do you go back and ground that into the truth of the character. And you also have the alter ego, but how do you bring in who this person is on a daily basis and what their struggles are and what their trials are and what makes them relatable to the audience.

On working with Ernie Hudson:

Charles: It was really great because he was actually the only person I got to record with at the same time. A lot of the times we're in the booth by ourselves and we're working with whoever is in the control room and whatnot. Working with him, we got to play off each other in real time and find those nuances. So, that was really cool. And his voice is so iconic. It was a great experience.

O'Mara: Both of you guys seems like you were doing it a lot longer than you had. You don't seem like newcomers to this universe. It was like it was your tenth movie or something. They just slipped so easily into the role it was fantastic. It was good chemistry.

In the second part of their interview, the duo opened on the difficulties of forming bonds while working together -- but independently -- on animated films and what their favorite moments to see animated ended up being.

On the difficulties of getting to know each other:

O'Mara: With voice-work it's different for the same reason Gaius mentioned -- most of the time you're in a booth by yourself. So, really, the only times you get to know each other are times like this, where you get to promote the work. At the same time, this is now sort of a trilogy, and we've been introducing more characters as we've gone on. So, the family is getting bigger and bigger. But I haven't met some of the other character who've figured quite heavily in the movie. That's just the nature of the beast.

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On their favorite scenes from the film:

Charles: I was really excited to see Luke Fox put on the suit for the first time and the whole moment where he introduces himself. We worked on that in the studio and it came out well but then to actually see it was really, really cool. I think the audience is going to love the whole -- because they really make a whole big cinematic picture of him putting on the suit for the first time and it's really cool.

O'Mara: I don't want to give too much away but there is an amazing -- I'll call it a dream sequence. It's not actually a dream sequence because it's induced and forced up on -- but it's sort of a new way of looking at Bruce Wayne's dark side and his experiences and the things that happened to him that resulted in him becoming Batman and it's super intense and kind of trippy. I just thought it was really original. I thought it was really fresh and new. There have been so many permutations of this character and his backstory that to see it done in such a new and refreshing way was really cool. And it's really well executed and the animation is fantastic.

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