Omaha returns for an encore

Chris mentioned Omaha the Cat Dancer in passing in his six x-rated comics you can read without shame, and by happy coincidence, NBM Eurotica has the full seven-volume collection in the latest Previews for $75, or $15 less than the cost of buying the volumes individually. An old favorite of mine, Omaha may be the first furry comic, and it's notable for Reed Waller's curvy art and Kate Worley's imaginative scripts. It also has a special place in comics history: Published by Denis Kitchen's Kitchen Sink Press, Omaha the Cat Dancer was one of the comics the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund was originally formed to defend, according to the official Omaha timeline. Unfortunately, both creators suffered health problems in the late 80s and early 90s, and the series ground to a halt. They agreed to finish the story in 2002, but Worley was diagnosed with lung cancer and died in 2004. NBM has been publishing collected editions for a few years, so this offering is not entirely new, but the price is a good one. They have a preview (NSFW and over 18 only) on their website, and the official Omaha the Cat Dancer site (which is a bit tamer but still has nudity) is a wealth of background information.

And there's more good news: Worley's husband James Vance has been working with Waller on a sequel, which is currently being serialized in Sizzle magazine and will hopefully be published by NBM in 2012, according to NBM's Terry Nantier.

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