Olympian Reveals Bonus Material for Previews Exclusive "Nocturnals" Hardcover

Official Press Release

"A is for..."

Not content with the standard bonus material fare of sketches and notes, Nocturnals creator Dan Brereton has surprised us with his inspiration to create The Nocturnals Alphabet!

A sixteen-page illustrated poem, The Nocturnals Alphabet features all of the Nocturnals in peculiar settings... and gives some valuable hints as to characters and villians to come!

Publisher Thomas Negovan was the first to be excited: "I was overwhelmed when Dan surprised us with this... The Nocturnals Alphabet is so great that I wish it were in EVERY edition! It's a really clever and unique treat for the fans who pick up the Previews Exclusive edition copies of Black Planet and Other Stories."

[NOTE: For more on the collected "Nocturnals," click here.]

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