Olivia Munn: What Was Up With That Daily Show Appearance?

I can't believe I was the only person watching last night's Daily Show to think, hey! That's Olivia Munn! What's she doing there? Turns out, her appearance wasn't a one-off stunt.

The Live Feed reports that last night was the first of multiple try-outs for the G4 host, internet girlfriend and Iron Man 2 cameo-er to see if she'd work out as an ongoing addition to the fake news show. She's expected to tape segments to be shown in upcoming episodes, and a spokesperson for the show pointed out that Munn isn't the first person to try-out in such a manner... Merely the most high profile.

As to her actual appearance? Well, she stumbled a bit in the beginning, and she's no Samantha Bee, but... Give her another shot, Jon Stewart. Put her head to head with John Hodgman and see what happens.

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