Olivia Munn Targets Shane Black's The Predator

"X-Men: Apocalypse" star Olivia Munn is in talks to join Boyd Holbrook in "The Predator," director Shane Black's sequel to the Fox sci-fi action franchise. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Munn would play a scientist opposite Holbrook's Special Forces operative.

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Written by Black and his "Monster Squad" collaborator Fred Dekker, the film is believed to bring the trophy-hunting extraterrestrial to suburbia.

Black, who played Hawkins in the 1987 Arnold Schwarzenegger film that launched the "Predator" series, has said he hopes to re-infuse the franchise with a sense of mystery.

"The worst thing you could hope for in one of these is a shot in bright sunlight of a field and the Predator just kind of walks on and ‘hello,'" he said recently. "You want to do … I keep going back to Ridley Scott, the way he captured the alien in that first movie. The sense of mystery and portent. If we could just cut into a little piece of that – that sort of vibe – and then I think there’s humor to be had too. And tonal shifting.”

"The Predator" would be the fourth installment in the franchise, which has also spawned a pair of crossovers with the "Alien" series. Production is expected to begin in February for a 2018 release.

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