Oliver Queen & Ra's al Ghul swing lightsabers in 'Arrow Jedi' finale

If Dave Jones has proved anything with his Arrow Jedi mashups, it's that with lightsaber effects, a John Williams score and the stray droid cameo, Starling City can be convincingly transformed into a galaxy far, far away.

He debuted his trilogy in May with "Under the Hood," which included appearances by R2-D2 and an Ewok, which he followed in November with "Corto Maltese." But all of that was only laying the groundwork for the epic finale, "The Climb," which reimagines Arrow's midseason cliffhanger -- the showdown between Ra's al Ghul and Oliver Queen -- as a high-stakes confrontation between Sith Lord and Jedi.

"For this one, I added lightsabers to two battle sequences from the Arrow Season 3 midseason finale," Jones explains. "The first features Ra's al Ghul against eight lightsaber-wielding members of the League of Assassins. The second is the epic battle between Oliver Queen and Ra's al Ghul on the mountaintop. As always, there are plenty of Star Wars Easter eggs."

(via GeekTyrant)


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