Oliver Queen and Black Canary Go Full Vigilante In New "Arrow" Photos

"Arrow" is set to expand its DC Comics connection for its sophomore season with a number of concepts from the comics assisting in building the show's world. However, one of the most anticipated concepts coming to "Arrow's" second season was the Black Canary, portrayed by actress Caity Lotz. Series star Stephen Amell took to social networks Facebook and Twitter to reveal the first look at Oliver Queen alongside Black Canary in full vigilante garb. The photos come from the series' fourth episode, where Lotz makes her debut as Black Canary.

"Black Canary's costume is very much in line with the Arrow's and the Huntress' costumes from last year in terms of it feeling grounded and of our world," Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim told CBR in October. "We've got Bronze Tiger in episode 2, and he's not wearing a "costume" per se. He's wearing a leather jacket that has nods to the idea of Bronze Tiger, but I still think it's a very grounded approach. ... I always want to leave it up to the audience what we're doing, but from my perspective, we haven't radically changed the tone of the show. When you talk about bringing Black Canary on or Barry Allen, it gives the impression that we're going more superhero than we were last year, but I don't necessarily think that's the case."

Plus, Guggenheim and Executive Producer Andrew Kreisberg were guests on DC Comics All-Access web series, revealing that "Fringe" alum Seth Gable would reprise his role as Count Vertigo.

"Arrow" airs Wednesdays on the CW

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