Artist Oliver Nome Passes Away

Art by Oliver Nome

Oliver Nome, a WildStorm artist known for such recent work as "Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost" and "Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy," passed away March 24 following a nearly five-year battle with brain cancer. He entered hospice care last year.

His passing was relayed on Facebook by his sister Lynda, who wrote, "My mom and I along with his best friends were all there to hold him in his last moments. I can’t thank everyone enough for everything they have done for my brother and my mother over the years."

Nome began his career at WildStorm with "Deathblow," and went on to work for Aspen Comics, DC Comics and Marvel. He was among the artists who helped to create the look for the "DC Universe Online" massively multiplayer online game.

"His sense of humor, sharp wit and incisive social commentary also added new dimensions to the usual studio banter," DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee wrote, "and he was matchless in what we called 'battle talk' — the playful jousting between artists over each other's work and measure of talent. He made us laugh, and truthfully, he made some cry. He was fearless and inventive, courageous and colorful. He was 33 when he was diagnosed with cancer back in May of 2012."

"With his passing, we can now only imagine the countless images he could have created, the untold stories he could have drawn," Lee continued. "But for those fortunate to have known him, we will always have the memories of his hilarious stories, his undying laughter and his impish, wistful smile."

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