Old Man Quill's Dark Twist Drastically Changes the Guardians of the Galaxy

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Old Man Quill #7, by Ethan Sacks, Robert Gill, Andres Mossa and VC's Joe Caramagna, on sale now.

Old Man Quill has certainly been a bumpy ride that's taken the Old Man Logan universe to cosmic heights and exploring a dark possibly future for Marvel's cosmos. As the Church of Universal Truth has been reshaped under Galactus, they've been seeking out planets as his heralds, all so he could devour and continue his regime of world-consuming hunger.

As a result, the series so far has been about Peter Quill, the hero formerly known as Star-Lord, and the Guardians of the Galaxy trying to find a secret weapon on Earth that can take the Church and Galactus out as revenge for killing Star-Lord's family and his Spartax Empire. However, Old Man Quill #7 changes the game completely when it reveals why Quill is actually called the "Last Guardian."

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While some fans might've been wondering why the book was dubbed Old Man Quill when it felt like a typical Guardians story set in the future, this story reveals the bitter truth behind its title. Gamora, Mantis, Drax and Rocket Raccoon have all seemingly been helping Quill, and the recruited him to help them find a weapon, which we now know is the Ultimate Nullifier. As Quill and his team journeyed to the remains of the Baxter Building, which was on top of a giant Loki, they found the weapon they needed to kill Galactus.

The Guardians encounter a swarm of Moloids, unaware that Doctor Doom, who's turned New York into New Latveria, has dispatched Doombots to take them out too. After using the Fantastic-Coptor's blades to kill the creatures, the team heads for the exit as they need to regroup and figure out how to extract the Nullifier, and in Rocket's case, the Hulkbuster he so badly wants to pilot. However, they're intercepted by Gladiator and the Church's Imperial Guard. In the ensuing fight, Quill's memories come rushing back and he realizes he's been hallucinating his allies all along, and that he's the sole remaining Guardian.

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The team hiring him when he was in his drunken stupor and wallowing over Spartax's demise was all a figment of Quill's imagination, and he actually came back to Earth all alone. Gladiator's words trigger the memory of a distress call that Gamora sent Peter, and in that message, he recalls flames killing them all. Mantis warned Gladiator that Quill would stop them and the Guardian manifested his team in his mind to help him achieve his goal.

This is a crushing blow for Quill and a surprising, depressing twist for the book, because he clearly missed his allies in the field and even reignited his love for Gamora. Now, the pretense of this being another Guardians adventure is gone, as Quill is left to face these war-dogs by himself. Gladiator's troops even laugh at the unlikely hero who they can't believe is the galaxy's only hope.

When you parse through the previous six issues, you realize everyone on Earth only interacted with Peter and no one else, in a twist that recalls The Sixth Sense, so this isn't a telepath's illusion or the result of some mental tinkering.

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This leaves Star Lord with his back against the wall, because he truly has nobody else to rely on. Looking like he's about to crack. Quill took the news of Groot's death hard and confirmation of the rest of his makeshift family's untimely demise  may break him mentally or send him into the berserker mode he needs to defeat Gladiator's posse.

Either way, Quill will almost certainly need help since he's outnumbered and overpowered. However, as we know, if you underestimate Star Lord, you do so at your own peril. Given how much the Church and its minions took away from Quill, he'll probably put up the fight of his life to defeat Galactus and his Chruch.

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