Old Man Logan: Wolverine's Darkest Timeline Was Really Planned by [SPOILER]

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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Dead Man Logan #11 by Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson and Nolan Woodard, on sale now.

The universe that Old Man Logan hails from is one of the darkest versions of the Marvel Universe across the entire multiverse. The world has been ruled by villains for decades, turning into a wasteland without a shred of hope, where even the demise of some of its most powerful evil figures hasn't saved the world.

But now, the true architect of this dark future has been revealed. In Dead Man Logan #11, Mister Sinister is revealed to have been responsible for the "blue print" that led to the death of almost every superhero.

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Since returning to his reality, Logan has committed himself to try to leave it a better place before he dies. Among his final missions are to protect the last Hulk, Bruce Banner Jr., and help ensure he grows into a good man. However, a patchwork Sabretooth and an army of clones followed after Logan.

After discovering him with Banner and Dani Cage, Sabretooth shifted focus from trying to capture Logan to claiming the Hulk. Sabretooth successfully managed to capture him and took him to a hidden Weapon X facility.

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While Logan and Dani follow them there, it's revealed that Mister Sinister has been responsible for Creed's actions. He  cloned Creed, although he's quick to admit that the clones aren't up to snuff. That's why Sinister initially wanted to capture Logan.

Sinister wanted to analyze Logan's healing factor and find a way to improve his cloning process. But when he realized that Logan was harboring a Hulk, Sinister shifted gears and decided to take Bruce Jr. and use him as a personal weapon.

Sinister even taunts Logan by revealing that he was the one who approached Red Skull with the plan to destroy the heroes through a massive alliance. Skull agreed with the plan, and helped united all the villains across the Marvel Universe to wipe out most of the heroic defenders of the planet. That makes Sinister responsible for the loss of countless lives, not just the heroes but all the civilians who have been trampled over by the villains in the years since they took control.

The irony of this isn't lost on Sinister, either. After conceiving the plan, Red Skull pushed Sinister aside and took full credit among the other villains. Sinister received no accolades or reward for his scheming. Even Paste Pot Pete got a town to rule over, while Sinister was left in the dust to fend for himself. He's been reduced to building patchwork clones of Sabretooth, trying to steal strong genetic material so he can make something powerful once again.

But since Logan finally killed the Red Skull, Sinister sees an opportunity and is preparing to make a power play - especially if he has a Hulk. Since it's hard to cage up a Hulk in any reality, things don't go well for Sinister, but his plan might have allowed him to get the infamous credit he deserves.

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Although Sinister could be lying about his involvement in the development of the plan, there might be some proof to his claims, based on how things almost played out in the main Marvel Universe as well.

While Old Man Logan was still in the mainline Marvel Universe, Sin and Miss Sinister learned of Mysterio's role in helping bring down the heroes in the Old Man Logan universe. But while Sinister tried to set up a full alliance between the villains to recreate the plan, Sin proved not to have the patience that her father had. She uses Mysterio to have Old Man Logan take a shot at the Avengers. Although he comes close to killing Iron Man, Logan is eventually incapacitated with no casualties. Miss Sinister even referred to the plan as a genius "blueprint" that Sin's impatience cost them before breaking their short-lived alliance.

It's a nice reminder of just how close the Marvel Universe is from sheer disaster, and how the mainstream universe almost suffered the same fate as Old Man Logan.

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