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Old Man Logan Villains Featured

One of Marvel’s greatest new characters introduced within the last decade has to be Old Man Logan, an alternate universe Wolverine who survived the horrific defeat of Earth’s heroes and chose a simple life with his wife and children in the Wastelands, until his family was taken from him.

Brought into the main Marvel Universe after Secret Wars, Old Man Logan’s journey in the Marvel Universe ranged from trying to change his past, overcoming the pain of his past and finding his place in the world, until his final breath. Let's take a look at the ten toughest Old Man Logan villains, ranked.

10 Kraven

The first villain to be of note in the Old Man Logan universe was Kraven the Hunter. In the Wastelands, Kraven was one of the villains who took part in the decimation of Earth’s heroes. Sneaking up behind Punisher during the battle of Manhattan, he took Frank Castle’s life and inspired a group of hunters years later.

In the main Marvel Universe, Kraven discovered the story of Old Man Logan, and believing it his duty to put a great beast like Logan out of his misery, captured Logan and brought him to the Savage Land. Logan managed to defeat him, however.

9 Dracula

One of the Marvel Universe’s greatest supernatural threats is Dracula. The king of all vampires and one of the most powerful vampires to ever live, Dracula came up against Old Man Logan during Logan’s time in the main Marvel universe as he was adjusting to life with those he had lost in his own world.

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After Dracula managed to enthrall many of Earth’s vampires, including Jubilee of the X-Men, Old Man Logan goes after her. Teaming up with the Howling Commandos, Logan fought Dracula and managed to win, taking the vampire king’s head and having it transported to the center of the sun.

8 Sohei

One of the next villains Logan faced during his time in the main Marvel Universe is Sohei, the leader of the Silent Order. After Lady Deathstrike attacked the small village Logan’s future wife from his world lived in as a child, Logan went after the villainess and arrived in a small village outside of Tokyo.

Finding Lady Deathstrike tortured, he discovers he was lured by the Silent Order there. In his own world and future, Logan had fought Sohei and the Order, revealing his true nature to his future wife Maureen. Logan was forced to fight Sohei to the bitter end.

7 Gorgon

One powerful foe Logan fought during his time in the main Marvel Universe is Gorgon, the powerful mutant and member of both The Hand and Hydra. With the ability to transform anyone he makes eye contact with into stone, Gorgon is also a powerful martial artist, assassin, and villain overall.

Logan goes up against him when he learns his former love interest Mariko Yashida, who had passed away years earlier, had been resurrected and used to become an assassin. He fought to break her free of Gorgon’s control, and the two fought him as he sought to gain control of a substance called Regenix.

6 Lady Deathstrike

After Logan’s initial return to the main Marvel Universe after Secret Wars, Old Man Logan decided to relive some of his memories by returning to the old Weapon X facility.

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Returning there in the main Marvel Universe, he finds Maureen is living in the small village outside of the facility, but as a child. Wanting to protect her from the threats of the world, he draws out Lady Deathstrike instead, who nearly destroys the entire village, including Maureen. He fights her and her team of Ravagers off, and later teams up with her to fight off the Silent Order.

5 Hulk Gang

One of the foes Logan faced in his own world that proved to be at the heart of the most tragic moments of his past was the Hulk Gang. The grandchildren of the Hulk, who had a relationship with his cousin She-Hulk, the Hulk Gang was comprised of Hillbilly Hulks, who became local thugs and criminals.

Logan returned from a job to gain money for his family to find the gang had taken his family’s lives. He went after them, ending a majority of the Hulk Gang and sparing only a handful of them.

4 Bullseye

One major foe that Logan had upon his time in the main Marvel Universe has to be Bullseye, one of the Marvel Universe's greatest and most mad assassins to ever live. A longtime foe of Daredevil, Bullseye came across Old Man Logan after a low-level employee of the Kingpin, (who became mayor of New York), took sensitive information from his boss, and tried to give it to Logan.

Logan partnered up with a writer to expose the story, but Bullseye was sent to attack them both. He stopped Bullseye the first time, but the assassin came after the writer later on, incurring Logan’s wrath as the two fought a deadly battle.

3 Mysterio

One villain who garnered more attention and caused more pain for Old Man Logan than any other on his homeworld and home universe was Quentin Beck, aka Mysterio. In the attack by the villains of the Marvel Universe that resulted in the loss of most of Earth’s heroes, Mysterio used his mastery of illusions to trick Logan.

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Using his power, he made Logan think he was fighting off a horde of villains at the X-Mansion to protect his allies and the children. However, it was revealed Mysterio had caused Logan to end the lives of the X-Men, making Logan put his claws away for decades after.

2 Hulk

One of the most twisted foes from Logan’s world that he had to face had to be Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. In the universe Old Man Logan hailed from, his former friend became unstable and mentally affected by the gamma radiation poising his body. He had an inappropriate relationship with his cousin She-Hulk, resulting in children and grandchild who became the Hulk Gang.

He took the role of a villain, gaining land of his own in the villain community to rule. After Logan’s family lost their lives, Logan went after Bruce, who controlled the Hulk Gang. Hulk ate Logan, but Logan survived and killed Hulk from the inside.

1 Maestro

The most powerful foe Logan faced came neither from his world nor the main Marvel Universe. Instead, he came from another reality entirely. This was the villain Maestro, an alternate version of The Hulk, who sought to end humanity and create a world for Hulks to live in peace.

Arriving in Old Man Logan’s world using a multiverse/time-travel machine, he gathered the remaining Hulk Gang members and traveled to the main Marvel Universe, going up against Logan. After his initial defeat, Maestro took over a small town and became a warlord of sorts, until Logan finally managed to take Maestro’s life.

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