Old Man Logan: The 'Avengers of the Wastelands,' Explained

From the resurgent world of Marvel 2099 to the dystopian world of Old Man Logan, Marvel has paid a lot of attention to its most popular futures recently. Even though that older version of Wolverine recently perished, the other heroes of that dark world are about to come together to form a new generation of Avengers.

Unfortunately for them, these new Avengers have their work cut out for them, as they'll face off against the shambles of a fallen world. There's quite a lot to rebuild, too. After the supervillains won 50 years earlier at the start of Old Man Logan, they divvied up the United States among themselves. While Logan managed to kill the Red Skull that united the villains, there are still a lot of threats out there, and a lot of the world needs to be rebuilt. With Ed Brisson and Jonas Scharf's Avengers of the Wastelands set to launch soon, we're taking a closer look at this future team.

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Thor (Danielle Cage)

Avengers Wastelands Danielle Cage Thor

Few characters have a superhero pedigree like Danielle Cage. As the daughter of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage and the namesake of Danny Rand, Dani seems destined to become a major hero in many of Marvel's futures. While other versions of the character have become Captain America, Dani wields the power of Thor as the God of Thunder in the world of Old Man Logan.

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After picking up Mjolnir in Dead Man Logan and using it to take down Mister Sinister, Dani seems set to become the most powerful member of the team, and its effective leader. Given her super-strong parents, she may have inherited some other powers of her own too. Combined with her newfound Asgardian abilities, this Thor looks like the brightest light in a very dark world.

Ant-Man (Dwight Barrett)

Avengers Wastelands Ant-Man Dwight

Dani is not the only legacy hero serving on the team, but Dwight Barrett's reputation is not quite so illustrious. Dwight's uncle was the petty crook Turk Barrett, a character familiar to fans of the Netflix Marvel shows, but Dwight proved from an early age to be far smarter than his uncle. After finding a lost Ant-Man helmet, Dwight tweaked it for his own personal use.

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It took Dwight some time to come into his own and grow out of just being a scared child. Eventually, he managed to find a spot for himself in Des Moines where he made his living guarding a bridge and demanding a toll to pass it, threatening those who didn't pay with death-by-a-million-ants. In Dead Man Logan, the now-adult Dwight used his knowledge as one of the leaders at Forge's Compound in the Badlands. Although the new Ant-Man was sidelined in the final fight to defend the compound, he'll take his tech-savvy to the new Avengers team.

Hulk (Bruce Banner, Jr.)

In the world of Old Man Logan, the Hulks were a group of gamma-irradiated villains who ruled over the badlands without mercy. After starting a blood feud with Old Man Logan by killing his family, Logan hunted almost all of the Hulks down and wiped them out in kind. However, one of the only survivors of that massacre was a baby Hulk named Bruce Banner, Jr.

Both Old Man Logan and Dani Cage looked after the young Hulk, who seemed to be well on his way to being as intelligent as the original Bruce Banner. After helping the old Wolverine on his final mission and comforting Thor after his death, Bruce Jr. has already started to rebuild the heroic legacy of the Hulk. While he never seemed to be as strong as the original Hulk, he's still young and could grow into the Jade Giant's super-strength. While it's not totally clear how old he'll be in Avengers of the Wastelands, this Hulk will give the team some serious brain and brawn.

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