Old Man Logan's Deadliest Enemy Returns... With A Sinister Upgrade

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Dead Man Logan #7, from Ed Brisson, Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard and VC's Cory Petit, on sale now.

In the Old Man Logan Universe, we've seen the man formerly known as Wolverine take on many a villain over the years. On his Earth, he fought the likes of Red Skull, Mysterio and a whole bunch of other enemies in the timeline Mark Millar and Steve McNiven conjured up, and since he came to the 616 reality (the Prime Universe), he's taken on just about everyone else.

However, after returning to his dimension, Logan finds himself quickly getting reacquainted with an old enemy after just a few months back, albeit indirectly. That's because the clawed hero is being stalked by the deadliest predator in his history books, but this time the feral Sabretooth has returned with a very sinister upgrade.

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After wandering around his home dimension, Logan finds himself in the Lizard's Kingdom, running up against the Creel Gang. In other hotspots, he finds out just how much more dangerous the Wastelands have become. One thing's constant, though -- he's still adept at carving the opposition up, even if it's just to take a limb or two from them. Sadly, as he tries to show restraint and be a nomad looking for peace and mercy as part of turning a new leaf, he gets kidnapped and tortured by cannibals, who pick away at his regenerating body for weeks on end.

Luckily, he's rescued by Dani Cage, who's really ticked off because Logan left her to raise Bruce Jr. (the baby Hulk he took in after killing the Hulk Gang). As they have their tension-riddled reunion, Logan promises to make it up to them, suggesting they may well have a shot at being a true family now. This, as we know, is the cue for horror and angst to come Logan's way, and so it does in the form of Victor Creed, who's been tracking the hero across the dusty plains.

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Creed threatens the Lizard's townsfolk, making sure they give him clues if they value their lives in a shocking exchange to avid readers. This is because no one saw this resurrection coming, not after the state we last saw Victor in. In Weapon X #17, Logan revealed that he'd fight Victor on his birthday every year, and their last scuffle ended with him slicing the villain to pieces and scattering his body across the barren terrain, all so he wouldn't be able to regenerate.

But now, Sabretooth's back and looking like a Frankenstein monster, stitched up and ready for action. Notably, he's more in control of his senses now, as he was feral last time, but the big shock comes when we see his hands. It bodes ominously for Logan because Sabretooth now has metal hands and claws, which may well be Adamantium. It remains to be seen if this change is just to his hands or if he's half-cyborg as well, like Albert. More so, we're left wondering who revived and upgraded him as this cyborg zombie with mechanical claws on a mission. It's uncharacteristic to see Sabretooth like this -- cool, calm and collected. He seems more calculating than ever, so Logan might be in the most danger he's ever faced.

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From his words, clearly revenge is the only thing on Victor's mind and, sadly, Logan now has collateral damage potentially driving around with him in the form of Dani and Bruce. In other words, with innocents in the mix, it's the perfect setting for Sabretooth to come exact revenge and reignite a feud that just never seems ready to die, no matter which corner of the Marvel Universe it's occurring in.

Dead Man Logan #8 goes on sale June 5, 2019.

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