Kraven the Hunter Has Claimed Old Man Logan’s [SPOILER]

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Old Man Logan #41, by Ed Brisson and Francesco Manna, on sale June 13, 2018.

Like his younger self, Old Man Logan is among the fiercest fighters in the Marvel Universe, but to Kraven the Hunter, he represents something between a wild animal and the most dangerous game. Old Man Logan #41 by Ed Brisson and Francesco Manna sets Kraven on the trail of his latest target, and he's acquired a piece of the man as a trophy.

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Back in Old Man Logan #32, when Logan was in Japan, the Scarlet Samurai sliced off Old Man Logan's hand, Adamantium claws and all. Though it grew back just fine (minus the Adamantium), it appears that the original hand has just been lying about in the restaurant it was originally severed in. Kraven is trying to track down the older Wolverine, and has now paid top dollar to take possession of the severed hand.

The villain can add this to his personal collection of trophies, but this will not satisfy him for long. Sooner or later, Kraven will hunt down the rest of Old Man Logan, and then the ultimate hunting experience will begin. Unfortunately, things might not go well for the old man because his healing factor has been on the fritz. Will he be able to survive the coming encounter?

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The real Wolverine has returned from the dead seemingly stronger than ever, but Marvel still has multiple Wolverines running around. We know Laura will be going back to her identity as X-23, so does that mean we will be heading toward a comic book version of Logan? What happens when Old Man Logan's healing ability finally runs out? He will have to face Kraven in the Savage Land before he can find out.

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