Old Man Logan is Becoming More Jackman-esque, In More Ways than One

The following contains spoilers for Old Man Logan #38 by Ed Brisson, Dalibor Talajic and Carlos Lopez, on sale now. 

Two years ago, Marvel Comic brought an older version of Wolverine from another timeline into the main Marvel Universe following the events of Secret Wars. Old Man Logan's arrival and inclusion into the larger X-Men narrative and overall Marvel U while his younger counterpart was dead was a solid storytelling move, unlikely not a coincidence that it happened to capitalize on the release of the then-upcoming 2017 film Logan.

But now that the film has come and gone, and the younger Logan is making his way back into the Marvel U, the Oldest There Is has become a big elephant in the room. He's had his fair share of adventures in his solo comic, and members of his family have come to accept him as their own. He's even come to learn to live in the moment rather than worrying about the dark future that could eventually befall him. But he was always living on borrowed time, and now something has to be done about him.

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That "something" looks to be in the works over in Old Man Logan's titular solo comic. This month's issue is the culmination of the "Moving Target" storyline, where Logan has had a rough go in recent issues. Not only is his healing factor mysteriously degenerating, the only thing that saved him from death by the Hand was a prototype drug that'll come to have negative effects on his body. Worse, he's become blind in one eye and his eardrum's become ruptured.

While it's not 100% the same, his current plight is strikingly similar to Hugh Jackman's final performance as the character. Yes, that Logan may have had a limp instead of a bad eye, but his healing factor was also failing, and no medicine could keep him from eventually expiring.

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