EXCLUSIVE: Old Man Logan Strikes, Domino Takes Aim In Weapon X Covers

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This April, the Weapon X project will return with a deadly new mission: eradicate mutant life. Only one team of mutants will stand in-between Weapon X and the destruction of the mutant race -- that is, if the team doesn't tear themselves apart first.

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"Weapon X," a new ongoing series written by Greg Pak with art by Greg Land, will feature a team of mutants co-lead by bitter enemies and deadly rivals Sabretooth and Old Man Logan. The team will also feature ex-X-Forcers Domino and Warpath and longtime Wolverine enemy Lady Deathstrike. The tension featured in the book comes to life in new covers for the series, which Marvel has revealed exclusively to CBR.

The first cover features art by Greg Land and shows a gun-toting Domino as well as the rest of the team. The variant cover, from artist Dan Mora, shows the team's clawed commanders clashing in a major way.

"Weapon X" #3
EXCLUSIVE: "Weapon X" #3 cover by Greg Land
"Weapon X" #3
EXCLUSIVE: "Weapon X" #3 variant cover by Dan Mora

In a recent X-POSITION interview with CBR, series writer Greg Pak hinted that Domino's romantic history with Logan will come up in this very issue, "Weapon X" #3. Additionally, Pak had some words about continuing Victor Creed's will-he/won't-he path when it comes to his fluctuating morality.

"It’s always a blast working with characters who have the potential to shift from hero to villain and vice versa," said Pak. "So yes, that’s something we’re definitely going to continue explore with Sabretooth — and with Lady Deathstrike, for that matter."

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With such a combustible roster, Pak also commented on which character he thinks will ignite the X-fandom. "Honestly, we creators don’t always know what’s going to pop in our work and capture readers’ imaginations," said Pak. "Sometimes the stuff we love the most barely seems to make a mark; sometimes surprising things pop like crazy. So I can’t really predict anything — I’ll just say I’m having a huge amount of fun writing Lady Deathstrike right now — you’ll see her in the “X-Men Prime” issue in April. And I’ve really got an eye on James Proudstar, a.k.a. Warpath. He’s due for some attention, isn’t he? Excited for the chance to go a little deeper with him."

"Weapon X" #1 will slash its way into stores on April 12, 2017. "Weapon X" #3 will arrive a month later in May.

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