Old Man Hawkeye Introduces the Best All-New, All-Different Ant-Man, Ever

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Old Man Hawkeye #5 by Ethan Sacks and Marco Checchetto, in stores now.

The world of Old Man Hawkeye, a spinoff of Old Man Logan, is one that is a far cry from the regular Marvel Universe fans know and love. Almost all of the superheroes of the world are dead and gone, and most of the USA is nothing but a barren wasteland.

Outside of Wolverine and Hawkeye, there really are no more heroes. Sure, there are countless supervillains still alive, not a surprise considering they defeated the Avengers when they united under the Red Skull -- but other than that, there aren't all that many recognizable and friendly faces left. Instead, there are Hulk children, and Multiple Man clones. There's a Venom symbiote that seeks out new hosts like dinosaurs, and there are treacherous Thunderbolts.

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That's right, all of the world's heroes are gone. But that doesn't mean there aren't any new ones. In Old Man Hawkeye #5, we witness the debut of an all-new Ant-Man, a young hero who would best be described as Ant-Boy.

Old Man Hawkeye Dwight Ant-Man introduction

The young boy, Dwight (surname unconfirmed), was actually first glimpsed in the closing page of Old Man Hawkeye #4. He is revealed to be the nephew of longtime Daredevil C-List player Turk Barrett. Apparently no longer in possession of an Infinity Stone, Turk now presides as the sole bartender of Josie's Bar, an infamous hangout in Hell's Kitchen. Young Dwight is seen with one of Hank Pym's ant-controlling helmets in his possession, and it seems he has developed a knack for using it. It's unclear where this helmet came from, and ultimately it doesn't really seem to matter. What does matter is that what appeared like a fun little Easter egg turned into a full-blown official role in the series with the arrival of issue #5.

In the latest chapter of the series, Clint Barton, who had taken a break from hunting his targets by getting a drink at Josie's, comes under attack by a horde of Venoms, who are now able to clone themselves thanks to the power of the Multiple Man. Hawkeye and Turk try to fend them off, but there are simply too many. When one of the Venoms brutally rips through Turk, Dwight, stricken with grief and anger, unleashes the full might of his abilities by weaponizing his ants and the helmet's signal against the Venoms. Although he makes a run for it, he later returns to save Clint, smashing through the bar with a car, controlling the gas pedal with the help of his insect friends.

Old Man Hawkeye Dwitgh Ant-Man helmet Venom

Weak and badly beaten, Clint can barely stand, meaning that it's up to Dwight to get them the hell out of Dodge. Hawkeye doesn't have many friends left in this dark and twisted world, but he now has a new one in Dwight, the Ant-Boy -- and it seems like this young hero isn't done saving lives. Now, an entire community's safety will rest on the shoulders of a few, and Dwight just might prove to be instrumental in this upcoming fight.

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