Marvel Just Introduced Captain Hydra

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Old Man Hawkeye #11 by Ethan Sacks, Francesco Mobili and Andres Mossa, on sale Wednesday, Nov. 28.

The controversial Marvel event Secret Empire focused on a Hydra conspiracy that turned Captain America into one of its agents. Of course, this was a polarizing moment for fans and readers, as news of Captain America uttering the phrase, "Hail Hydra," was trending worldwide and made the top of the news cycle.

Captain America was able to break free of Hydra's influence, but it left behind an evil version of Steve Rogers who is now behind bars. Though he's sure to reappear again down the road, the Hydra plot looks to be done -- at least in the present day.

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As for a possible future in the Marvel Universe, Hydra is alive and well in Old Man Hawkeye and under the leadership of Baron Zemo, who orchestrated the events that led to the death of the Avengers 45 years ago. The Hawkeyes (Clint Barton and Kate Bishop) have tracked Baron Zemo down at the decommissioned Weapon X facility in Alberta, Canada. Instead of going in as a team, Clint decides to sneak ahead for a better look -- with his eyesight deteriorating, he can't see too well in the white snow.

Zemo is alerted the minute Clint makes it inside and begins to taunt him through the intercom system, leading Clint to a gladiator pit where he's faced with what we can only call "Captain Hydra," complete with the terrorist group's green costume and a Captain America-syle shield with the Hydra logo replacing the red-white-and-blue symbols of the United States.

Now, the preview of Old Man Hawkeye #11 doesn't reveal if this Hydra agent is a super-soldier like Captain America, or if his visual look is just inspired by Cap. With the amount of blood splattered on the walls in the panel before his big reveal, we can assume Captain Hydra is a formidable opponent and has logged quite a few victories during his sparring contests.

Thankfully for Clint, he has backup in Kate Bishop, who has made her way into Weapon X also. It could take both archers to bring Captain Hydra down, and even if they are successful, there is still the matter of the building crawling with Hydra foot soldiers. We'll have to wait and see what abilities Captain Hydra has when Old Man Hawkeye #11 arrives on Nov. 28.

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