DC's Old Lady Harley Is Getting Her Own Miniseries

Harley Quinn #42

The post-apocalyptic future version of Harley Quinn first seen in April is getting her own miniseries this fall.

Old Lady Harley, who debuted in Harley Quinn #42, will star in a five-issue miniseries from writer Frank Tieri and artist Mauricet, who introduced the distant-future incarnation of the popular DC antihero. The new miniseries, set 30 years into an alternate future for the DC Universe, follows Harley as she travels from New York City through the devastated United States.

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"If Harley Quinn #42 was your appetizer, then Old Lady Harley, that’s your main course right there," Tieri said in a statement. "Through flashbacks we’ll see what went on between Harley and the Joker and how it drove her into seclusion."

In an insanely feral vision of the future, Harley must reconcile with her own deadly past if she hopes to survive this cruel, alternate future. But when a certain Clown Prince of Crime teases a return from the grave, the past might just be trying to kill Harley too.

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Old Lady Harley #1, written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by Mauricet, goes on sale Oct. 24 from DC.

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