The Deadly Batman In Old Lady Harley Is Frighteningly Familiar

A Recruitment Drive From Hell

The Murder Machine, like most of the Dark Knights, was killed in the conclusion of DC: Metal. The only member of the group who survived was the Batman Who Laughs. Since being freed by Lex Luthor, the Batman Who Laughs has been operating under the radar, but preparing something big.

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Teases from Scott Snyder about the character’s upcoming miniseries have hinted that he’s moving through the multiverse in an attempt to recruit new allies. One of these will include the Grim Knight, who is described as a version of Batman who embraced guns after shooting Joe Chill. The character is explicitly a minion of the Batman Who Laughs, and it wouldn't be surprising if this Dark Knight started recruiting other corrupted Batmen to his nefarious cause.

The Murder Machine from Old Lady Harley may not have gone fully off the deep-end like the original version of the character (he never created an advanced AI version of Nightwing to “assist” him), but he’s still lost touch with his humanity in a very big way, and could easily go bad.

It’s not just the disconnect of using holograms and robots either. When Harley mentions the supposed return of the Joker, a mad smile creeps across Batman's face when he reminisces about the day the Joker died.

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This is a Batman who has given up on the grief and humanity that drives him in almost all other forms. He’s a coldly logical force, controlling an entire army of Batman robots, and if someone like that escapes into the multiverse, it could mean very bad news for our heroes... but very cool stories for us.

Old Lady Harley #2, by Frank Tieri and Inaki Miranda, is currently available in comic stores and digitally.

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