Old acquaintances shall not be forgotten

Happy New Year, everyone! Typically the first day of the new year is a time for reflection, for looking forward and looking back. And you might think that I would be tempted to do that very thing, especially since we just wrapped up our first full year here at Robot 6.

But I'm not gonna do that. Y'see, Robot 6 officially kicked off on Jan. 2, 2009. And tomorrow we plan to celebrate our first anniversary by bringing you a lot of really, really cool stuff -- interviews, exclusive previews, countdowns and much more -- as we take over the home page of Comic Book Resources for the day. It should be a lot of fun, so be sure to stop by in between football games and TV marathons.

In the meantime, after the jump you'll find some links to other bloggers looking at 2009 and 2010. Enjoy, and we'll be back in full force tomorrow. See you then!

(Artwork above is Cameron Stewart's cover to this week's Montreal Mirror, as seen on his blog.

Looking back | Rich Johnston is doing his annual Rumour Awards as a series of posts over at Bleeding Cool today.

Looking back | Bully the Little Stuffed Bull counts down the decade as only he can.

Looking back | The Daily Cross Hatch interviews Heidi MacDonald about the comics industry in 2009. And over on The Beat, Heidi pays tribute to those who left us in 2009.

Looking back | The staff of ComicsAlliance "has taken a cue from high school yearbooks everywhere" and hands out several "best" awards, like "Best Webcomic of Nonlinear Humor Deserving Wider Recognition" and "Best Appearance By a Real Person In a Comic Who Isn't Obama."

Looking back | In a similar vein, check out The Weekly Crisis best of 2009 power rankings.

Looking back | Don't forget to check out CBR's list of the top 100 comics of the year, which included contributions from Brigid, Chris, Sean and myself, as well as CBR's news staff, reviewers and Comics Should Be Good! contributors.

Looking forward | Speaking of CSBG!, Greg Burgas looks forward to 2010, declaring "Comics rule!"

Looking forward | Tom Spurgeon talks about resolutions and some upcoming books for 2010.

Looking forward | io9 has a list of books to consider if one of your resolutions is to become a superhero in 2010.

There's an Event Leviathan Clue in Legion of Super-Heroes: DC Millennium #1

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