Ohio's Department of Transportation calls upon Green Lantern's light

In what has to be the strangest government press release in a while, the Ohio Department of Transportation announced this morning it's turning to Green Lantern to protect its snowplows. Well, a Green Lantern.

"Taking a cue from the comic book superhero who uses green light to protect the people of Earth," the release begins, "the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is hoping a Green Lantern will protect its snowplows from a dangerous spike in crashes this season."

Citing 63 instances of drivers crashing into snowplows in just the first month of winter weather -- that's up from 57 for all of last winter -- ODOT has proposed in its 2012-2013 budget request for the use of green lanterns (flashing LED lights) atop snow-removal equipment: "Research indicates that green lights have a better visibility in snowy, wintery conditions."

Too bad the proposal isn't for this year; ODOT might've been able to strike a deal with Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment for a movie cross-promotion -- complete with a ready-made slogan: "In snowiest day, in blackest night, no snowplow shall escape your sight."

(via The Plain Dealer)

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