Ohio State Marching Band Performs Superheroic Halftime Show

An acceptable way to spend halftime of an American football game is getting up from your chair, then heading out in search of a beverage or bathroom. But if you're watching that game at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio, you stand and enjoy another awe-inspiring performance from The Best Damn Band in the Land (TBDBITL).

This past week, while the football team walloped the Nebraska Cornhuskers, The Ohio State Marching Band put on a spectacular-themed tribute to superheroes during intermission.

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The OSUMB is one of the most famous collegiate bands in the country, and possibly the largest all-brass and percussion band in the world. Videos of their halftime shows rack up tens of millions of views. Their latest program features an all-star cast of Avengers along with two of the world's finest heroes; Batman and Superman. Each hero receives a  moment against their arch-nemesis, who are teaming up with the villainous "Michigan Wolverines" to take down TBDBITL. Throughout the performance, prepare to be amazed by web-slingers and marvel as Thor smites The Team Up North with mighty Mjolnir, all leading to a (Hulk) smashing final showdown.

Using special effects to mimic Iron Man repulsors and the engines of the the Batwing, the students are able to bring the characters to life. Actors (or band members/students) run through a choreographed routine dressed in spandex, while the horns blare and drums pound the music featured during films including "Man of Steel", "Avengers: Age of Ultron" and more.

The show was designed by The Ohio State Marching Band Director, Dr. Christopher Hoch. Musial arrangements by John Brennan and Mark Reynolds.

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