Ohio drivers can get their Superman plates starting in October

Beginning in early October, Ohio drivers finally will be able to display Superman license plates on their cars.

It certainly hasn't been easy. The campaign for the specialty plate commemorating the creation of the Man of Steel in 1932 by Cleveland teenagers Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster was launched in 2011 by the Siegel & Shuster Society, but ran into a couple of snags: first, objections by DC Comics and Warner Bros. to the proposed slogan "Birthplace of Superman" -- he was born on Krypton, they insist -- and then, more formidably, the twists and turns of the legislative process.

After a bill for the Superman plates failed to pass on its own, State Rep. Bill Patmon in April inserted the legislation into the state budget, which the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports passed last week.

“The last time, there was a problem with another plate someone wanted,” Patmon, who represents Cleveland, tells the newpsaper. “Because of that, the whole thing got delayed. I did not want to take a chance of that happening again, so I put it in the budget. Now, Clark Kent is out of his phone booth.”

The plate, which features the iconic Superman "S" emblem and the slogan "Truth, Justice & the American Way," will cost $20 in addition to the regular registration fee of $34.50 plus local taxes. If you want to exchange your current Ohio plate for the Superman plate, it'll cost $20, plus an $11.75 replacement fee and a $4.50 replacement sticker fee. A portion of the $20 will benefit the Siegel & Shuster Society.

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