Oh Yeah! Two Other Things I Hated In the Watchmen Movie!

I should pretty well cap any Watchmen movie talk with this, lest I make this a recurring feature, but here are two annoying things about the movie that I totally forgot about earlier.

1. Okay, were they seriously saying that Ozymandias gave Janey Slater and Wally Weaver cancer as part of his plan? Did I get that straight? If so; seriously?

2. I understand why they didn't want to keep Moore's lift of a scene from Mad Max (was pretty clever of Snyder to make that one of the things on the big screen behind Ozymandias, though), but I didn't really care for Rorschach going all Jason Vorhees on the child murderer. And, when I get to the point of criticizing the way a sociopathic vigilante violently dispatches of a child murderer, it's probably time to abandon this topic entirely.

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