Oh those wacky editorial cartoonists

You may have noticed that a certain cartoon by New York Post editorial cartoonist Sean Delonas created a bit of a media frenzy yesterday for comparing the author of the recent stimulus bill (i.e. President Barack Obama and his administration) to the chimpanzee that ran amok in Connecticut.

Were this any other president, it would probably be written off as imply a bad cartoon. But Delonas and other folks at the Post seem to be completely unaware of the way African-Americans over the past 200 years or so have been degradingly portrayed as simian-like in cartoons and other media. And judging by the unapologetic response from the Post's editor-in-chief, they remain blissfully unaware of this ugly little bit of history.

Still, it's not like Delonas has an exclusive lock on odd, disturbing, confusing and potentially offensive cartoons about Obama, as this one by Mike Lester indicates. (Hat tip for last link: Tom Spurgeon, who also has a nice round-up of noteworthy links and analysis.)

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