Oh The Horror: Previewing Dark Horse's "Damn Nation"

Back in December we told you about Andy Cosby's "Damn Nation," coming this February from Dark Horse Comics. Today, Dark Horse has provided CBR News with a six lettered page preview of the first issue of "Damn Nation."

"Damn Nation" begins with the discovery of a derelict Russian freighter off the coast of Miami, Florida. With the discovery of this ship, a virus is inadvertently unleashed on the unsuspecting citizens of the United States and soon enough the entire nation is a quarantine zone. "This gives us the setting for our tale," Cosby told CBR News back in December, "an apocalyptic landscape ravaged by a devastating plague that's wiped out most of the population. Many were evacuated during the initial stages of the outbreak, but others were left behind to either succumb to the virus or those infected by it. You see, the 'infected' are transformed into inhuman nocturnal predators driven by a single biological imperative: to feed. You might call them 'vampires,' but that's just because it's the handiest label available. We've intentionally stayed away from the 'v-word,' because the virus is constantly mutating, and what the infected will eventually become is something much darker and much stranger."

While that may be the basic setting of the world in "Damn Nation," Cosby notes the characters of this world are what really drive the story.

"Against the backdrop of this 'vampire apocalypse,' we will explore the true nature of evil - not merely as an external force of chaos and destruction, but as an internal struggle to overcome our darker nature. That's really what this story is about. It's about one man's struggle to redeem himself for the sins of his past, committed in the name of God and country. It's about a woman's revelation that there is more to living than just surviving. And it's about the painful truth that the real monsters aren't always out there hiding in the darkness. The real ones, the ones we should fear the most, are hiding in each and every one of us."

Click the images below to launch the preview. "Damn Nation" #1 is in stores Wednesday, February 16th.

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