Oh, Okay, So That's the Cap News

I dunno, Marvel, it is a little bit like the boy who cried wolf here, no?

Edited to add: To be clearer here, I'm not criticizing the news itself. I'm fine with the news. It works for me. It also seems to clearly flow organically from Ed Brubaker's years long Captain America storyline. I mean, come on, if you read Captain America #25 and DIDN'T think that there was more to the story than Red Skull's plot being "Get someone to run up and shoot Cap a bunch of times!" then you haven't been following Ed Brubaker's Captain America too closely. So the news is fine.

My critique here is that the hype over this was pretty darn significant for news that was pretty standard fare. You announce that Cap dies, fair enough. You announce that there's a new Cap, okay, still fair enough. But now this? That's going to the "national media coverage" well three times with basically the same story, hence "boy who cried wolf." I fully expected there to be some sort of different twist to make this story stand out, like tying it together with news of the Captain America film (like who is going to play Cap, perhaps).

When you add in the fact that Marvel changed the release date on Captain America #600 to coincide with today's news, and then the article doesn't even MENTION Captain America #600, well, the whole thing is a bit off.

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