Oh, my glob! LEGO will make those 'Adventure Time' brick figures

Although we won't be seeing the Hobbit Rivendell playset in stores, LEGO will move into production on the brick-built Adventure Time figures submitted last year to LEGO Ideas.

The news arrives with the results of review of fan proposals that received 10,000 or more supporters between May and September. Of the nine projects, only the Adventure Time figures and the super-realistic Caterham Super Seven cars received greenlights (sorry, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man).

Although the final product will likely differ, the Adventure Time set proposed by LEGO enthusiast aBetterMonkey used just 640 bricks to create 15 figures, from Finn (with his sword) and Jake to Princess Bubblgum and Marceline (with her ax-bass) to BMO (with joysticks) and the Ice King (with ice lighting).

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