Officials question how 'Palomar' ended up in high school library

Following a complaint from a parent, officials at a New Mexico school district are investigating how a copy of Gilbert Hernandez's Palomar became part of a high school library's collection.

Catreena Lopez told KOAT Albuquerque she was disturbed by the "pornographic" images she found in the graphic novel, which her 14-year-old son reportedly checked out Wednesday from the Rio Rancho High School library, thinking it might be manga.

Flipping through the 500-page Fantagraphics hardcover, which collects all of Hernandez's inarguably mature-themed "Heartbreak Soup" stories from Love & Rockets, Lopez flagged 30 illustrations she considered to be pornographic.

“I started to find child pornography pictures and child abuse pictures and I was like, ‘No. That's not going to happen in my house,’” she told the television station.

Fantagraphics first published the collection in 2003; a stamp inside the library's copy indicates it's been part of the Rio Rancho High collection since 2006, yet escaped attention for the better part of a decade.

Calling Palomar "clearly inappropriate" for students, a school district spokesperson said officials will try to discern how it ended up in the library.

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