Official Stranger Things Newscast Reports Barb's Disappearance

If you've watched "Stranger Things," then odds are you were left with one burning question: where's Barb? That one question has ignited a passionate response from fandom, resulting in everything from cosplay to a sketch on "The Tonight Show." Now it looks like even Netflix is getting involved in where's-Barb-mania, as they've released video of an in-universe newscast that asks the burning question.

The segment, "Minute By Minute with Brenda Wood," may not shed any light on Barb's ultimate fate or give her fictional loved ones any closure, but it does feature a few spot-on tongue in cheek references to the newly iconic character's look. Yes, Barb can "rock a pair of mom jeans." After reporting on the missing teen, Brenda Wood turns her attention towards a huge Eggo waffles heist.

Fans of "Stranger Things" were undoubtedly bummed to hear that Shannon Purser's Barb won't be back for season two, as was revealed during New York Comic Con. David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper, gave a pretty definitive answer as to Barb's status within the series.

“I can assure you that Barb is very much dead,” Harbour said when asked about the status of Barb. However, the actor added that “we do deal with the loose ends in Season 2, and we do deal with some of the internet rage over Barb’s death… we will have justice for Barb’s death in some sense.”

The second season of “Stranger Things” is currently slated for release digitally on Netflix in 2017.

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