"Officer Downe" Film Will Be 'Better Than Any Marvel or DC Movie,' Says Co-Director

"Crank" director Mark Neveldine is in the process of bringing the Image Comics series "Officer Downe" to film, and -- according to his interview on The Movie Crypt podcast -- he believes it'll have no problem standing out against the competition. He also praised "Sons of Anarchy" alum Kim Coates' performance as the titular character by comparing him to Gene Hackman.

During the podcast, Neveldine said that "Officer Downe" will be "better than any Marvel movie or DC movie ever made."

"Kim Coates is Officer Downe," he added. "It's old school Gene Hackman s--t."

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"Officer Downe" is based on the one-shot comic written by Joe Casey and illustrated by Chris Burnham, released in 2010 by Image Comics. Neveldine will co-direct the film with Shawn Crahan, best known for his work in the band Slipknot. Casey wrote the screenplay and serves as a producer as part of the Man of Action Entertainment collective -- which also includes Joe Kelly, Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau. The story centers on the titular Officer Downe, who is regularly killed in the line of action, before being resurrected and placed back on duty.

Along with Coates, the cast also includes Tyler Ross as Officer Gable, Lauren Velez as Police Chief Berringer, Reno Wilson as Officer Carter and Bruno Gunn as Officer Fritch. No release date has been set for "Officer Downe."

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