<i>Office</i> Spinoff <i>The Farm</i> Will Introduce Dwight Schrute's Siblings

After not hearing anything about it when NBC announced next season's line-up, we're now getting word about the Dwight Schrute Office spinoff from NBC called The Farm moving forward thanks to TVLine. We've known for a while now that the project was in the works with Rainn Wilson starring and Paul Liberstein producing, but details were slight as far as exactly sure where it would fit in or how the show would work.

According to TVLine, the spinoff will have a backdoor pilot in the upcoming ninth season of The Office, allowing the network to gauge how successful the series could be. From there, NBC will decide to move forward or pull the plug. As currently planned, the series will revolve around Dwight inheriting a farm that doubles as a bed and breakfast -- presumably a different one than viewers have seen in The Office. To deal with the larger responsibilities, he will recruit his metropolitan younger sister Fannie and her quirky son Cameron as well as their laid-back brother Jeb. Their scheming -- and possible Nazi -- great uncle Heinrich Manheim will also be along for the ride. There is no word yet as to what role if any Dwight's brother Mose will play in the proposed show.

The Office has gone through a series of changes over the last several seasons, including the recent announcement that longtime producer B.J. Novak would be reducing his involvement in the show. Signs seem to be pointing towards the upcoming ninth season as being the last, but nothing has been officially announced. Maybe the rumored Office 2.0 idea from U.S. Office creator Greg Daniels will come into play at the end of the new season, or maybe we'll see the end of the series altogether. Either way, there's a solid chance Dwight's adventures will continue on with or without the likes of Jim, Pam and Andy.

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