<i>Office</i> Spinoff Adds Two Actors

NBC's The Farm has added two more actors to the rapidly expanding cast of the planned Office spinoff built around Dwight Schrute, the character played by Rainn Wilson.

Deadline reports Tom Bower (Die Hard 2, Clear and Present Danger) will play Heinrich Manheim, Dwight's charming and manipulative great-uncle, who may have lived in Argentina following World War II because of "his German National Socialist roots" (Dwight has suggested a few time on The Office that his grandparents may have been Nazis.). Meanwhile, Entertainment Weekly has word that Matt Jones (Breaking Bad, Red State) has landed the role of cousin Zeke.

They join Wilson, Thomas Middleditch, Majandra Delfino and Blake Garrett on the sitcom, which focuses on Dwight as a beet farmer running a bed and breakfast. The new characters and premise will be introduced in a backdoor pilot planned to run this fall as an episode of The Office. Former Office showrunner Paul Lieberstein is producing.

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