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Here are ten chunks of dialogue or internal narration from this week's All Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder #7:

Once you scare the CRAP out of them ... they scramble away like COCKROACHES.  Gotham City's FULL of COCKROACHES.  They scramble AWAY.  That's unless you STEP on them.  And step HARD.  I step HARD.

"Let me take you to school, suckers ... in chemistry."

"You don't know from hurt, either, you wads."

He DOESN'T STOP.  He doesn't spare a ONE of them.  Not a ONE.  Before I can even catch my BREATH, they're a bunch of bleeding, burning HEAPS, they are.  And god help me, here I am thunderstruck in LOVE with the man.  The goddamn BATMAN.

Her TONGUE'S a little bit SANDY.  She's a SMOKER.  Cigars.  Cuban.  I haven't kissed a SMOKER in WEEKS.  Not since SELINA.

We keep our MASKS on.  It's BETTER that way.

"Not one word.  I've taken enough grief about calling my goddamn car the goddamn Batmobile.  I'm the goddamn Batman and I can call my goddamn car whatever the hell I want to call it."  "Whatever you say, man of mine.  That's just a totally queer name for a car, is all."

"I'm doing fine.  And you talk too damn much.  Shut the hell up."

She's got a RIGHT to say whatever she WANTS.  She's got the RIGHT.  THOMAS JEFFERSON and all that.  And she's dead RIGHT to say I'm half-CRAZY.  But only half.  The OTHER half is doing JUST FINE.

"You'll talk when I tell you to talk, you bastard."

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