"Of Bitter Souls" - The Entire First Issue

With the second issues of Speakeasy's "Of Bitter Souls" #2 hitting stands tomorrow, September 14th, CBR News is happy to bring you the entire first, sold-out issue of the series for those of you who missed your chance of reading it. We now hand it over to writer Chuck Satterlee to introduce the preview. For more on "Of Bitter Souls," click here.

Three weeks ago, my first comic from Speakeasy Comics, "Of Bitter Souls" #1, sold out. I have received more than a few e-mails and letters asking for a reprinting. My publisher has the say on whether there will be a reprinting and I have to believe that Adam Fortier knows what he is doing. He hasn't steered Speakeasy wrong yet!


However, with the release of "Of Bitter Souls" #2, I find myself in an awkward position. There are no more copies of #1 for new readers to check out if they like #2 and furthermore, there are no more copies of #1 to bring on more readers. It is a tight spot to be in as an indy creator.

Therefore, I have decided to release the entire first issue of "Of Bitter Souls" for free to anyone who wants to evaluate the title. If you like what you see, please buy issue two and if issue 2 isn't available, please ask your retailer to order it.

For more previews, including a preview of "Smoke & Mirror" #1 (in stores now), check out the forums at www.speakeasycomics.com.


Norm Breyfogle ("Batman," "Detective Comics," "Prime") is the regular series artist on "Of Bitter Souls," the second issue of which will be available in fine comic shops everywhere on September 14.

On a closing note, the entire "Of Bitter Souls" team wished to express our sympathy to the good people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. New Orleans is our kind of town and we are certain that the people will rebuild and persevere. I for one plan to have a good time at Mardi Gras next year.

Winston Churchill said it best. "Never Never Never Give up."

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