Oeming and Soma hunt monsters in 'Sinergy'

As origins go, Jess' latent seer powers to see demons being triggered by losing her virginity is one of the more unforgettable opens to a first issue I have read in quiet a while. That's exactly how co-creator/co-writer/artist Michael Avon Oeming and co-creator/co-writer/colorist Taki Soma cut to the heart of their new Image Comics/Shadowline series, Sinergy.

Oeming and Soma are neatly efficient in setting the stage for much of Sinergy's status quo in this first issue. I also appreciate (as shown in the preview) where her seer powers are triggered, the sex scene is subtly done. It becomes readily apparent that Jess' seer powers were inherited from her father. He immediately wants her to join the family business: hunting down  inter-dimensional monsters who live covertly  in the world  by feasting on energies produced by sin (aka sinergy). His plans for his daughter will derail Jess' intentions to attend college with a hockey scholarship.

Jess' athleticism and love of hockey will come into play judging by the front cover--it also gives the creators an efficient way to have a lead character who is physically tough and agile. The one reservation I have is, at least in this first installment, as developed and critical path as Jess' father is--the reader does not get an equally full picture of Jess' mom. But admittedly there is only so much one can squeeze into the first issue.

Humor is always a way a writer ingratiate themselves to me. Oeming and Soma work in a few comedic beats that remained in my brain after putting down the issue. My favorite moment along those lines is after Jess discovers the family dog is a monster and walks away slightly overwhelmed. Once she steps back inside the house, the dog utters a line of dialogue beyond barking and Jess' dad says to the dog: "Wait 'til she finds out you can talk."

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