Odinson's Future Unfolds In Marvel's "Unworthy Thor" by Aaron, Coipel

You can't keep a good Odinson down -- even if he is unworthy. After being deemed unfit to wield Mjolnir and the power of Thor, the Odinson struck out on his own as Jane Foster assumed the mantle of the Mighty Thor. Now the former Thor will once again headline a new series -- this time called, appropriately, "Unworthy Thor."

The series, announced via io9, comes from current "Mighty Thor" writer Jason Aaron; the book marks the fourth Thor series written by Aaron since his start on "Thor: God of Thunder" in 2012. Joining him is Olivier Coipel, who is no stranger to Marvel's Norse mythology. Coipel previously had runs on "Thor" in 2007 and 2011. The cover for "Unworthy Thor" #1 shows the Odinson clutching his ax Jarnbjorn while reaching for another Mjolnir -- the one previously wielded by the Ultimate Universe's Thor. That hammer just re-appeared in the pages of Aaron's other Thor series, "Mighty Thor," following its prominent role in the "Secret Wars" miniseries "Thors," as the weapon of the Thor Corps' Thunderer Thorlief, AKA Ultimate Thor.

"I wanted something big to come out of 'Thors' that would affect our characters going forward, so that turned out to be a hammer. This is just a great, great beast of metal," Aaron told io9 of the Ultimate Thor's weapon's appearance in "Unworthy Thor." "So to have that somehow fly through the events of Secret Wars and land in the normal Marvel Universe, which we saw at the end of 'Thors,' at Old Asgard- of course it went back to Old Asgard, but the old Asgard, nobody lives there. So, it's just been sitting there, all this time."

"Unworthy Thor," by Jason Aaron and Olivier Coipel, arrives in October.

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