Odd Couple No More? Nicieza talks "Cable & Deadpool"

Civil War has fractured many of the Marvel Universe's greatest pairings; The New Avengers have been disassembled, The Fantastic Four have been torn apart and yes it's even opened a rift between those bosom buddies Nathan Summers AKA Cable and Wade Wilson AKA Deadpool. CBR News checked in with "Cable & Deadpool" writer Fabian Nicieza for an update on the book.

Like we mentioned and as readers of "Cable & Deadpool" #34 saw, the title of the book may be "Cable & Deadpool," but readers shouldn't expect to see the duo working together, at least not in the immediate future. "They're separated right now," Nicieza told CBR News. "No one's filed for divorce yet. It's something they'd rather not talk about. They need their space for a bit, so I'll try to respect that."

Cable may not be on speaking terms with Deadpool, but emotionally Nathan Summers is doing just fine. "He's Calm, confident, assured and focused," Nicieza explained. "Which is great, since Mike Carey [writer of "X-Men" where Cable also appears] and I have plans to totally screw him up!"

One of the reasons Cable is feeling so calm and confident is because he's reunited with his old flame Domino. Long time readers of "Cable & Deadpool" know that Cable generally is pretty confident in his actions and the only time he seemed to lose his cool was when Domino was around – the reasons why were obvious. "It's because he's a boy and she's a girl and   sometimes you get these warm and fuzzy feelings in your groinal area that leads your brain to do some stupid things."

Love often makes you do stupid things, so some readers might be wondering just how deep Cable's feelings for Domino are and if he does indeed love her. "That is a very good question," Nicieza stated. "Let's all find out together."   Readers can expect Domino to be right by Cable's side in upcoming issues. Nicieza revealed that she'll have a large role in the Cable-centric issues of "CDP."

Domino is back in Cable's life, but not everybody is happy about it. In issue #34 of "Cable & Deadpool," Irene Merriweather, Cable's long time friend and ally, appeared to be very upset about her friend reuniting with his old flame. "She's always had feelings for him, I think," Nicieza stated. "I think Cable's thick, but not so thick that he wouldn't be aware of her feelings."

As readers might have guessed, Irene's unrequited feelings are going to lead to a heap of trouble for Cable. "Every Jesus needs a Judas, right?" Nicieza explained. "And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, right? And a penny saved is a penny earned, right? And a rolling stone gathers no..."

Difficult times lay ahead for Deadpool as well. Cable and the Merc with a Mouth may be on the outs with each other, but Cable knows his former friend well enough and cares enough to warn him that he'll have some introspective moments coming his way. "They know each other as well now as any two people of their kind know each other," Nicieza said. "Not 'Brokeback Mountain' kind of knowing, but more like understanding male bonding without the grunting and the grease kind of knowing."

Deadpool's pensive moments might have begun at the end of issue #34, when he began to see images of mysterious figures flashing on and off of his TV set. "I can tell you all about it in issue #35," Nicieza stated. "DP seeing images from his past via electronic signals – and he lives in Manhattan? You do the math."

Issue #35 of "Cable & Deadpool" leads into the next big story arc for the series "Unfinished Business."   "'Unfinished Business,' as with almost all our arcs, gets merrily interrupted by the Cable-centric X-over, which is fine, since the issues of the Deadpool-centric 'Unfinished Business' arc are self-contained issues anyway, it doesn't really interrupt anything. Plus, poppa always needs better sales, so you figure it out. Basically, 'Unfinished Business' is Wade's search for a deeper, greater, truer understanding of his place in our universe. Which, he figures, means he has to kick a lot of ass in very public ways in order to get people to pay attention to him and make him a hirable property.

"Issue #36 features Taskmaster," Nicieza continued. "Issue #37 will feature the Rhino and the incredible-shrinking-Deadpool-keychain, a sight to behold (thanks, Gail!).

Issues #38-#39 tie into X-Men and Mike's 'what's up Cable's butt – literally' storyline that will have long-term ramifications for Nate. Then it's back to 'Unfinished Business' in #40 and #41 and a whole new status quo for Deadpool that I won't reveal yet - mostly `cause I haven't figured it out."

Nicieza may not have figured out Deadpool's new status quo yet, but Wade Wilson fans don't need to worry – Deadpool won't become a hero or a full blown villain. "He's always been on that razor's edge between the two, from the minute Rob [Rob Liefeld] and I developed him, he was meant to be a 'lovable villain.'" Nicieza explained. "He still is. He is not a good guy, but he's too darned 'Build a Bear' huggable to really be a bad guy. I wish he was a really bad, bad guy, cause then he'd be in the new

Thunderbolts and he'd be cooler. Or would that make him a really good bad guy?"

Issues #38-39 of "Cable and Deadpool" crossover with "X-Men," but both Nicieza and Mike Carey are working hard to craft a story that provides something special for people who read all the parts and stands on it's own for readers who just want to buy certain issues. "As usual, we always endeavor to make the book you read an entertainment experience that doesn't require reading the other chapters of a crossover," Nicieza said. "And as usual, I'll probably fail in doing that.

"Once I start with the technobabble and the unnecessarily complicated plots and the whole 'you're putting too much story in this comic book and we're more comfortable spending $60 for four lines of dialogue' gets a Slurpee-headache – no one is going to have a clue what the hell is going on.    Nicole ['CDP' editor Nicole Boose] will be furious."

Upcoming issues of "Cable & Deadpool" involve his membership in the X-Men, but Nicieza plans to continue to examine and explore Cable's leadership and guidance of countries like Rumekistan and Providence.   He plans to eventually show Cable's relationship with the leaders of other Marvel Universe nations like Atlantis and Wakanda. "We'll get to, but I don't want to do a world tour or anything," Nicieza said. "That would seem a bit too gratuitous. I mean, unless other books want to crossover with us and it would increase our sales."

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