Occult Crimes Taskforce, Spider-Man 3, 300, Invincible: September 27th Comic Reel Wrap


Variety is reporting (subscription required) that Dimension Films has acquired movie rights to "O.C.T.: Occult Crimes Taskforce," an Image Comics series that launched in July. Creator Rosario Dawson will produce as well as star in the film.


Reader Bruce Kitun wrote in to note that a trailer playing on On Demand in Queens, NY has an interesting spoiler for the film (stop reading now if you don't wanna know). He writes, "I happened to read the description of the movie and was surprised to read something along the lines of: "After working with a specimen from the moon, Peter Parker realizes his new costume has a life of its own...'" Interesting.


Frank Miller sat down for a chat with Comics2FIlm, where he talked about bringing another project to the silver screen. "It's really hard to tell," Miller said about what was most satisfying to see translated. "The darker part of me would be when they start to push the dead soldiers on the immortals. It's so perfectly realized, but the combat stuff is pretty stunning. There are hundreds of images that I just looked at and, if I have to pick an ultimate favorite it's the shot of the boy stabbing the spear and seeing the shadow of the wolf with the spear going through his mouth. That was one of my favorite panels that I drew and he captured it to perfection."


Right here at CBR, creator Robert Kirkman noted a movie version of his teen hero is in development. "I've turned in the first draft of the screenplay and people seem to like it. Other than that, nothing to report." Thanks to Mike Dano for reminding us of that one.


Ghost House Pictures has posted a seventh behind the scenes clip from the Steve Niles adaptation, this time discussing having "Hard Candy" editor Art Jones on board.


According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Melrose Place" veteran Rena Sofer has landed a recurring role on the NBC superhuman drama, playing the wife of an aspiring politician.


Director Jon Favreau was interviewed on KCRW, and audio versions are available in multiple formats.


There's an article at IESB which has some looks at the animated Hellboy and discusses the differences in the depiction.


MSN has an inside look at the series, while Kryptonsite has a new promotional gallery showing Aaron Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen. Nice sweater vest. Meanwhile, Devoted to Smallville has captured a new promotional banner ad for the show (and "Supernatural"), as well as an MP3 of a radio ad for the season premiere.


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