Obama issue of <i>Amazing Spider-Man</i> was most-ordered comic of decade

Given the amount of publicity surrounding the "Special Inauguration Day Edition," it's not surprising that The Amazing Spider-Man #583 was the most-ordered comic of 2009 in the direct market.

But who would've guessed that those President Obama covers would make it the most-ordered comic of the decade?

Charts wizard John Jackson Miller places the commemorative issue, with all of its variant covers and reprintings, more than 183,000 copies ahead of the No. 2 comic of the decade, June 2006's Civil War #2 (issues of the Marvel miniseries claim six of the Top 10 spots).

Captain America #25, the March 2007 issue that featured the "death" of Steve Rogers, comes in at No. 5. DC Comics debuts at No. 8 with -- brace yourselves -- All-Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #1. (On a related note: The Dark Knight Strikes Again #1 appears at No. 37.)

Just five publishers are represented in the Top 300 comics of the decade: Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image and, in a blast from the past, defunct Canadian company Dreamwave Productions, which charted with seven issues of Transformers.

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