O-P-P presents "Cenozoic"

Official Press Release

From cartoonist MARK FEARING (PERIPHERY) comes a comic book that offers a skewed view of mankind's development. Perhaps we haven't changed all that much in the past 85,000 years. No doubt many independent thinkers of The Stone Age met resentment from those who preferred life in The Dirt Age. And pity the poor human who dreamed about life in The Down Pillow Age or the Not Having to Eat Lizards Age.

Part satire, part funny-animal book, the first issue of CENOZOIC introduces CAVE BEAR AND DUCK and features the return of JERRY CAVEMAN INVENTOR. CENOZOIC; a comic book 65 million years in the making. Of course you can say the same thing about Velcro and rubber bands.

Featured Stories:

Jerry Caveman Inventor: MONKEY TROUBLE

Facing scads of angry monkeys the humans take refuge in their cave. Can mankind regain their primary status in the primeval world?


Duck and Bear seek out delicious forest food, only to have Bear captured. Can Duck rescue Bear, or will Bear become just another comfortable sofa in the human's cave?

Words of Praise:

"Cenozoic is wonderfully drawn and amusingly offbeat. I think CAVE BEAR AND DUCK has the potential to become a classic buddy strip."- BILL MORRISON – Creative Director / Bongo Comics

"Everything you could possibly hope for in an all ages comic." - ANDREA SPEED - www.comixtreme.com

Available in the September Diamond Catalog, code # SEP042833. Previews at WWW.O-P-P.WS.

O-P-P is the publisher of the critically lauded original graphic novel BODHISATTVA and comic book anthology PERIPHERY, both available now.

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